Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Its Pimms time!

I love warm weather! My favorite days in NYC are spent at Central Or Hudson River Park with a picnic lunch, Pimms and a good book or good friends (preferably friends if I am drinking Pimms- not really a fan of drinking alone!)
Pimms is a British liquor that reminds of summers at home in London at the pub sitting in the garden and drinking this yummy refreshing drink while relaxing from shopping, sunbathing, or work. You can get it at most liquor stores- and it is super easy to make!
Summer Pimms:
1 pitcher or drink cooler
4 oz Pimms
3 cups Sprite or fizzy lemonade if you are overseas
1 c cut strawberries
1 c oranges
1 c raspberries
1 lemon
Mix Pimms and Sprite and add ice. The add fruit to the top and enjoy! Garnish pitcher with lemon slices!

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