Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quickie Meals: Mmm Simple Stirfry

I Love stir fry! It is so easy to make, you can throw anything in and it is a cheap and quick meal- perfect for a college student on the go! Whenever I go home, my mom loves when I make my stir fries for her usually as a lunch treat! I tend to use shrimp because I absolutely love shrimp but last night I was in the mood for tofu so I threw some tofu in there instead! I love using a mix of fresh and frozen veggies. A lot of frozen mixes come in pre-mixed Asian stir fry mixes. I used the whole foods 365 one because it had no broccoli and lots of water chestnuts which I love! I also threw in some spinach because I am obsessed with spinach! I am that girl who drunk orders steamed spinach at Coffee Shop at 3 am. Spinach is great because it is low in calories but high in Iron! Many young women are iron deficient, especially in college so it is important to eat foods that contain it! I also usually throw in red peppers which next to spinach is my favorite vegetable! I can eat a whole pepper in one sitting, i just love the crunchy fresh taste! This dish is a great way to get at least 3 servings of vegetables in one go!

I used a store bought oyster sauce which is one of my favorite Thai sauces- but i mixed a little soy sauce in there as well because the sauce is very thick! Any sauce will do- sweet and sour as well as teriyaki are great in stir fry! If you are really handy in the kitchen you could make your own sauce, but using store bought saves time and money and it lasts longer! Also I used tofu but any protein works! If you are a meat lover a bit of chopped up steak works great in this, so does chicken, shrimp or just vegetables!

1/2 c asian stir fry mix
1/2 c chopped spinach
1/2 c chopped peppers
1/4 block tofu cut up into pieces
2 tbsp oyster sauce (or any sauce you prefer)
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 garlic clove- chopped
1 tbsp sesame oil

Place frozen veggies in a microwave safe bowl and cover. Follow directions on bag for cook time.
While the veggies are steaming, brown tofu in sesame oil, once slightly brown, throw in garlic, peppers and spinach. Add 2 tbsp soy sauce here, and then once the other vegetables are ready, throw them in with the oyster sauce. Cook until everything is well coated and vegetables are soft. If needed add more soy sauce!
Serve over your choice of rice or noodles or just plain and enjoy!!!

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  1. YUM! This is right up my alley! Stir-fry and easssssy! Sounds delicious! Definitely have to give it a try, thanks!!